Feeding our intellect

The Prior’s cell should stand near the entrance to your property, so that he may be the first to meet those who approach, and whatever has to be done in consequence may all be carried out as he may decide and order.

– Rule of St. Albert, No. 9

Every day we are made to make decisions. From the most mundane of task like whether we would continue to sleep or wake up and start our day, to necessary tasks like whether to eat now or later.

Others are made to make life and death decisions, the most challenging of which is when they are made to decide for others.

As Christians we are made to make an even more challenging decision every minute of our lives, and that is whether we give in to sin or not.

The great news is that God has given us the tools to make the right decisions. Our conscience, that nagging feeling inside when we do or is about to do something against our established moral and ethical principles, helps us weigh whether the decision we are about to make conforms to the moral standards set by Jesus in his teachings or not.

Our intellect, on the other hand, serves as our gatekeeper. And if we feed it every day with the Word of God through constant contemplation and meditation, we strengthen it and we hone it so that it would become more vigilant in performing its tasks.

A strong intellect would not only be able to determine whether a thought is destructive to the soul or not, it would also help us decide on the best action to take on a situation based on Christian values.

Let us strengthen our intellects with constant readings of the Bible, meditating on God’s Word and experiencing it through the power of our thoughts, and allow it to mold our attitude for the better.

What was the most difficult decision you made?

Psalm 121: 7-8
The Lord will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life. The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time on and forevermore.

Lord God, let the prior of my house be wise and vigilant and grant me a heart willing and open to its bidding. Guard the house of my soul from all evil and help me live a life according to your will. Amen.